Dumpling Showdown: Dumpling House vs Nancy’s

Everybody was jiaozi fighting

Ye-Gon: Dumplings are great. They’re fun to look at. They’re fun to eat. They’re even fun to say. Try it. Dumplings. Dummmmplingggs.

While to us it’s often seen as a treat or an entrée item at a Chinese restaurant, dumplings remain a significant side-staple in many parts of China, where these morsels in all kinds of shapes and sizes are sold on the street as on-the-go meals for passers-by. And when it comes to dumplings in Hamilton, two spots stand out with their claim to hand-made dumpling supremacy. In the blue corner, hailing from the Claudelands roundabout, the Dumpling House, and in the red corner, nestled within the hustle and bustle of Victoria Street, Nancy’s Dumplings & Buns. So, how do they stack up? Continue reading “Dumpling Showdown: Dumpling House vs Nancy’s”

Malaysian Takeaway at Red Pot Kitchen

You were the chosen one

Ye-Gon: It’s always nice to see a new place bring something different to the table, and few things could get me as excited as the idea of having a Malaysian joint within minutes of my house. Malaysian food is probably not the most familiar cuisine to most people; there’s Josh Emett’s spot down Sapper Moore-Jones Place, but it’s not exactly the most accessible or affordable affair. Malaysian food is a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian culture, and it’s an eclectic and harmonious mix that celebrates a rich tapestry of influences.

The Red Pot Kitchen has been open for about a month by the time my sister and I tried the place out for lunch. The warmers were nearly empty, save for the fried rice and noodles, plus some siew pao and curry puffs. A sign indicated that rendang, curry and all the good stuff will be served from 4pm, which really makes me wonder what the reasoning behind opening from 11am is at all. So, it’ll be two visits to this place to try out their meatier affairs as well. Continue reading “Malaysian Takeaway at Red Pot Kitchen”

Burger specials at Breakers/Jandal Bar

Back to the Nineties

Ye-Gon: I’m not one of these Kiwi kids that have childhood memories of the local Breakers or Cobb & Co, but I’d like to think I have a pretty good understanding of the fond nostalgia (or PTSD depending on who you ask) that surrounds these vestiges of the nineties and noughties. I’ve been to their old hangout next to Garden Place exactly three times, and all three times I remember dry meat offset by runny mash, accompanied by bottled sauce.

And so it was with mixed emotions that, a good few years after they shut the shop where The Quad now occupies, I found out they were moving into an empty spot along Bryce Street outside Centre Place with a fresh new look to boot. The décor appeared to be cheerful and bright, the menu comfy and predictable. But the memories of their cooking – or lack thereof – kept me away, until my parents decided to take Natalia and I out for lunch this afternoon. And mother being mother, having bought up the vouchers for burgers and fries at none other than Breakers, decided we should give the place a try. $9 for burger and fries isn’t bad, and we were now going to find out if the facelift came with a revamp in the kitchen as well.

Continue reading “Burger specials at Breakers/Jandal Bar”

Ye-Gon and Natalia nearly die at Winner Winner

Water won’t help you now

Ye-Gon: Right now, I’m sitting at the table located right in front of the salad cabinet. It’s late night, and if there was a rush earlier this evening, there’s no sign of it. I just ordered the “Proper Hot” chicken, the hottest fried chicken they have on the menu, and (slightly nervously) waiting for my food while Natalia chows down on a ridiculously fudgy and decadent peanut butter and chocolate brownie. Then I remember that I have an ulcer in my mouth. Continue reading “Ye-Gon and Natalia nearly die at Winner Winner”