Tron Bites’ Guide to Cambridge: The Stables

Larissa: So this was my second visit to stables and I, once again, thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Ye-Gon: I’ve been here once or twice before as well, but it’s not one that’s stuck to my memory. The menu seems like a nice balance. I wouldn’t call it casual, but it’s not overly high-brow either, and they have a rotating specials board.

Larissa: It isn’t by any means fine dining, but the quality of meals are good and the atmosphere is great for a social catch up. I really like the room at stables. They have put a lot of effort into their decorating and their tables are laid out well. The staff were all friendly and I enjoyed their taste in music!

Natalia: The flatbread came to us steaming hot with melted mozzarella. That first bite was packed full of the rich cheesy flavor. If that wasn’t enough, what we discovered to be one of life’s edible mysteries was served into the mix. Basil cream cheese. The tang of the herb contrasted nicely with the smooth texture of the cheese. I would have like to have had one or two more choice of spreads and dips with it, but if were my priority we probably should have gone for the bread platter. It serves two comfortably so if you are a party of four, maybe consider getting 2 of them. Or, if you ordered a meal as carb-heavy as ours, go easy.

Ye-Gon: There were also the blue cheese wontons with plum sauce. It’s about what you’d expect it to be like. (That is to say, very good. What part of “blue cheese wontons with plum sauce” doesn’t sound good?) Onto the mains.

Larissa: I had the pork and it was divine. The meat was tender and pulled apart well, the crackling had just the right amount of crispness to it, and as someone who has only just started eating broccoli (yes, tease all you like!) I can say it has fully sold me on one of my favourite vegetables now.

Ye-Gon: That crackling really was fantastic. Unfortunately I wasn’t that happy with my mains; the risotto is one of three vegetarian options on the menu along with a salad and a pizza, and while I’m not sure either would have been a better choice, I wasn’t exactly impressed. The rice is well past al dente, and the texture rather thick by the serve. Grated parmesan (not the reggiano variety) on top of feta crumbs is a strange choice. It doesn’t really work. The ratatouille is a nice contrast, but any semblance of flavour is completely painted over by the intense tomato base.

Natalia: Usually I can’t get enough of pizza, but after the cheesy wontons and the flatbread I was at my cheese/bread limit. I did wish the spinach was cut up and distributed more evenly rather than clumped. Also it was a bit to light on the cranberries. I think if you’re going to put fruit on pizza, go big or go home.

Ye-Gon: Really? I thought the whole thing was so sugary and sweet with lashings of cranberries, I couldn’t make it past a couple of bites!

While I wasn’t personally wowed by the food, good company and good venue made for a fun night out. And maybe that’s exactly what a community like Cambridge needs: easy place to chill, but get a little fancy every now and then. And no matter how you’re dressed and what you’re after, you’ll feel comfortable here. And with no shortage of cheese.

The Stables is located at 72 Alpha Street, Cambridge. They’re open daily from 11:30am to 10pm.

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