We are:

A bunch of good-for-nothing know-it-all foodies from Hamilton, New Zealand that are sometimes too lazy to cook at home. We talk fine dining, fast food takeaways, and everything in between.

Our Expert Panel consists of one or more of the following:

Main man Ye-Gon is a sous vide evangelist and molecular gastronomy afficionado. Thanks to his parents being in the hospo trade in town, he knows his way around restaurant kitchens. His grandma makes the best kimchi in the world.

Natalia is our resident bathroom review correspondent. She likes Domino’s Meat Lovers and Maccas’ Cheeseburger. She’s not big on a fair few other things. Her husband’s grandma makes the best kimchi in the world.

Sam is our very own American political correspondent, avid philosophiser, Nobel Prize winning economist; and just an overall awesome guy. He also specialises in self-deception, and loves anything that helps distract from his underlying existential pain.

Francis‘s vegetarian diet does indeed give him superpowers, but to our collective relief, he chooses to use them for good and not for evil. He is a firm believer that red wine is the perfect beverage to accompany breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Larissa is a lover of the English language, music, good friends and even better food. She was a very fussy eater as a child, so she can be a bit particular about her food, but still enjoys taking risks. She runs her own editing and writing business.

Kerry loves coding, Lego, Larissa, and occasionally tormenting their two cats. He will absolutely not come and fix your MacBook or your internet.

Our rules:

We don’t consider ourselves serious “reviewers”, and we like to avoid calling our write-ups “reviews”. Our focus is on sharing our experience so that others can be informed about the great establishments that our fine city has to offer. We don’t rate places out of five or a hundred, although we will share our opinions on what’s good and what isn’t, and sometimes make comparisons or recommendations.

We always respect the food, and this includes only writing about it as it is intended, not cold or reheated. (Unless if it’s feature-specific, like “Finding the best pizza for the next morning hangover” or something stupid like that.)

We’ll declare any conflict of interest at the time in each write-up. Those people are allowed to inform, but not influence, others involved.

We don’t announce or reveal to the businesses who we are before or during our visit. We don’t generally contact the business between visiting and publishing our post, unless there’s a major concern or issue that we need their response on.

We gladly accept if your establishment would cover the bill in exchange for featuring you. You can arrange with us to cover a specific aspect or dish you’d like us to focus on, but you cannot influence our opinions in the write-up. As per above rule, we’ll remain anonymous, at least until we pay the bill. For whatever reason, if we can’t do a write-up after you pay for a meal, we’ll pay you back the equal value. If the meal was paid for by the business, it will be declared in the write-up.