Burger Wisconsin: From Auckland With Love, Part 2

The fight for fast food burger supremacy is a fierce one. We’ve got BK, Maccas, Wendy, Carl and Sanders battling it out on our turf, along with Burgerfuel, Eat Burger and Goneburger dishing up three very different renditions in the made-to-order fast-casual space. Burger Wisconsin is a precariously missing player here; a homegrown chain of grills with history spanning almost 30 years, they claim to be the first burger kitchen to serve bacon and avocado in a sandwich, which is no small claim. They have branches and franchises located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, The Bay, The Other Bay, and Gisborne, (Yeah, Gisborne,) but it’s been many a years since they’ve closed down in the City of the Future, long before I ever moved here, and no news on if or when it will be returning.

So on our recent excursion to Auckland, we decided to have a crack at their burgers and see if it’s all the hype is real, and whether we need to start stopping people on the street to gather signatures for a petition to bring back a BW to Hamilton. Continue reading “Burger Wisconsin: From Auckland With Love, Part 2”

Burger specials at Breakers/Jandal Bar

Back to the Nineties

Ye-Gon: I’m not one of these Kiwi kids that have childhood memories of the local Breakers or Cobb & Co, but I’d like to think I have a pretty good understanding of the fond nostalgia (or PTSD depending on who you ask) that surrounds these vestiges of the nineties and noughties. I’ve been to their old hangout next to Garden Place exactly three times, and all three times I remember dry meat offset by runny mash, accompanied by bottled sauce.

And so it was with mixed emotions that, a good few years after they shut the shop where The Quad now occupies, I found out they were moving into an empty spot along Bryce Street outside Centre Place with a fresh new look to boot. The décor appeared to be cheerful and bright, the menu comfy and predictable. But the memories of their cooking – or lack thereof – kept me away, until my parents decided to take Natalia and I out for lunch this afternoon. And mother being mother, having bought up the vouchers for burgers and fries at none other than Breakers, decided we should give the place a try. $9 for burger and fries isn’t bad, and we were now going to find out if the facelift came with a revamp in the kitchen as well.

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