We try out the new menu at Ember


Ye-Gon: It’s been almost two years on since the launch of Ember, and in my mind it’s tragically underappreciated by the folks around town now as the day it opened. It remains unheard of or way down on people’s priority list as far as restaurants go, which is understandable; there’s a lot of good places to try in Hamilton. But it’s still a crying shame, since Ember is a great place, where the menu really brings something new and different, and everything is executed meticulously.

Their new menu, at face value, is a bit of a departure from their previous style. Gone are the selection of tacos, gone are the sandwiches (at least from dinner service), and gone is my favourite, the brisket feijoada. Overall, the direction of the menu is away from South American influence, and towards sterility. It’s not a direction I agree with, but it wouldn’t be fair to write them off now, especially given their track record.

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