Bubble Tea Showdown: Looking for that good good pearl

Ye-Gon: Not many people around these neck of the woods might know what a bubble tea is. Imagine tea, but sweet, and with a butt ton of milk and often (not always) fruit or chocolate flavours, and with little soft, super chewy balls of tapioca. Is it a drink? Is it a dessert? Is it a snack? My friend, it is all of those, and none of those; but it’s addictive.

My sister can also attest to the fact that it forms the main staple of many a university students in Auckland, including herself, where you’ll find a Chatime or a Gong Cha at nearly every street corner in the CBD. So with an expert in tow, I set out to find the best bubble tea in Hamilton, comparing the concoctions of Snowtown, Mr Panda, and Mr D’s. We ordered the identical plain ol’ milk tea from each of the places, brought them home, and tried all three in complete awkward silence. So in no particular order, here’s what we found. Continue reading “Bubble Tea Showdown: Looking for that good good pearl”

Dumpling Showdown: Dumpling House vs Nancy’s

Everybody was jiaozi fighting

Ye-Gon: Dumplings are great. They’re fun to look at. They’re fun to eat. They’re even fun to say. Try it. Dumplings. Dummmmplingggs.

While to us it’s often seen as a treat or an entrée item at a Chinese restaurant, dumplings remain a significant side-staple in many parts of China, where these morsels in all kinds of shapes and sizes are sold on the street as on-the-go meals for passers-by. And when it comes to dumplings in Hamilton, two spots stand out with their claim to hand-made dumpling supremacy. In the blue corner, hailing from the Claudelands roundabout, the Dumpling House, and in the red corner, nestled within the hustle and bustle of Victoria Street, Nancy’s Dumplings & Buns. So, how do they stack up? Continue reading “Dumpling Showdown: Dumpling House vs Nancy’s”